Sunday, April 29, 2007

ice cream sundaes! yummie!

mmm mmm good! ice cream sundaes on a beautiful sunday evening! our worship team got together for a little preview of the upcoming dvd of our performance "alive forever" i have a great team to work with and am very glad i can work with them!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

BBQ Season has arrived!


Wednesdays at the Church is a happenin' place! Before all the activities a meal is shared. Three great ladies did this for us all season for $2 a meal! How about those aprons!


The staff decided to give them a break and have a cookout for dogs...cheesey potatoes...hmmm...hmmm...good!

It is always important to sample the product before serving!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

alive forever 2007

our worship ministry performed "alive forever" this year. over 50 people particpated in the production! drama, solos,music, multi-media all made this weekend a very memorable one! over 900 people came to see it which means over half of these were guests to meadow park. click here for a slideshow alive forever

Friday, April 20, 2007

wow 21 years!

it's hard to believe we have married over 21 years ago. july 25th 1985 was the day! that's more than 3 years for a dog!

mini vacation 07

melissa and I were taken on a mini vacation last weekend to phoenix arizona by our good friends winn and betsy cradic. it was an unbelievable time for us. look for more details soon

view from our hotel and one of the golf courses winn and i "killed" on!

melissa and betsy ready for a night out!

winn and i trying to look as sharp as the ladies!


lindsey is 18 and a senior this year. where does the time go! it just seems like yesterday grandma made her a special dress for her picture day! lindsey will be staying in rochester next year and going to rctc and eventually will go in to law enforcement.


alec is 15 and a freshman this year. he is quite the musician. he plays the drums, bass and electric guitars and the keyboards.