Tuesday, August 28, 2007

joyce august 8th1994- august 28th 2007

what can you say about a friend who watched your kids go to school through every grade since kindergarten...who was best buds with a cat named rudy who lived to be 19...who loved her mom (melissa) the best and would howl at the stairwell if it was past 4:50 pm and time for her to be home...who slept every night in our bed since she was a pup...who grew to love her big lil' sis abbey-eventually...who sang for treats...who was always at the top of the stairs when we came home...i say we will miss our friend more than you can imagine...i say she is going on ahead and will be waiting at the top of the stairs in our new home in heaven...i say "joyce we love you and will miss you terribly!!"

joyce born august 8th 1994-died august 28th 2007

Monday, August 27, 2007

off to college

wow it seems like yesterday when lindsey was making up another story and making either melissa or i become one of her very interesting characters! well today she went off to college for the 1st time ...in her new car she purchased with her own money she saved. it's really as hard as they say to let go and let her become all God has in store for her. she will always be "binzer" to me. we are very proud of her and are glad she is still staying with us the 1st two years at least!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

just try and hate this face!

i came across this picture of the day we brought joyce home! she is now 13 and still can look at you the same way

Saturday, August 11, 2007

greetings from the big apple!

well i am in new york city...it took me an hour to walk up to the window to show you my view. that is the famous time square corner you are looking at. i am staying at the mariott times square for the national transplant coordinators convention ...more pictures of the sights to follow
i get to ride these babies up and down to my room...on the outside...glassed in...yippee!
Sunday went to my 1st mets game at shea stadium...the twins need an outdoor stadium...brought back alot of memories when i was a kid...i was taken by bob renaldi from sterling courier...we use them to ship our research organs all over the country..i felt privileged that he would invite me and 2 others ...yes i am working too! :)

this is my crew from iiam...tonight was the start of the transplant vendor presentation and our display booth and answering all the questions about donation for research etc
ok like today i did not know what hit me...they say "we got to take you to chinatown and little italy!"...next thing i know i am getting wisked away to these shops and rooms behind stores that they lock when you get in there...next thing i know i purchased coach merchandise for lindsey and melissa!

Friday, August 10, 2007

"strange van" the first gig

alec is in about four bands. his band called "stange van" had their first gig in chatfield tonight. mom and dad were "roadies" cuz it was a battle of the bands set up. they did awesome. i will post some video soon. these three guys rocked the house!!!

our guests

i was finally was able to snap a photo of our guests who sleep in our back yard every night... twin fawns! to the ladies...awe aren't they just sweet?...to the guys...future steaks and sausage! :)

Monday, August 6, 2007

vacation part two

are we a good looking bunch or what?

after the dells we headed to chicago at stayed at the renaissance hotel o'hare...got a major deal on a pretty nice 2 room suite...from there we took the train in to downtown chicago for all our activities over the next couple of days. that was an adventure...all i can say is i will never complain about how long it takes to commute across rochester again!!
we went o the navy pier...ate at a cool jazz club called "be bops" and saw an awesome band called "skinny williams band" they were absolutely awesome! we bought their cd

we went to lincoln park zoo...very nice and the last night night saw the blue man group...what an unbelievable great time...very creative and fun show! we had a blast. we also attended willow creek community church on sunday...great time there as well...very powerful service

Thursday, August 2, 2007

greetings from vacation

we are vacationing in the dells...doing the ducks today...heading to chicago tomorrow to see the sites!