Sunday, November 25, 2007

Curious as our cat and Ebay

it was lindsey's birthday friday and we had her gift waiting for her when she was to get back from work...our cat had to check out what was inside before she got home!
i love EBAY! i have sold and bought stuff there for some time. last year I had my blackberry stolen out of my car and got this dash as a replacement...never really liked a year later sold it on EBAY for what i bought it for...listed it and it sold in 1 hour!! ...hint...always keep your original box and all packaging...people like that! my blackberry back! :)

Thursday, November 8, 2007

worship stuff

i am blessed to work with a very creative team as we plan our worship experiences. our team has been delivering home runs during our "life on loan" campaign with thematic songs, special music, videos, props and more!

our drama team will be delivering one of the most powerful dramas i have ever seen called "everything" based on the song by lifehouse. this will be done live on nov 18th. you will not want to miss this!! we are also are working on a powerful celebration service on nov 25th at the internation center where we will have a praise choir, band and more.
our christmas season is in full swing and this year's christmas concert will be a jazz ensemble extravaganza. this team has been rehearsing already...special vocal guests...great jazz arrangements of the christmas classics...and even a special appearance by the grinch himself will take place...the concert will be Dec 16th treats will cap off the evening